My first blog- Labels

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"Hello!" ... welcome to my first blog post :) 

Labels are a funny thing, I call myself an Interior & Architectural Photographer, but really I am much more than this; as I believe everyone's job titles entail much more than they let on. People these days 'wear many hats' and do many things within their own job label. To begin with, photography plays a rather big part in what I do as a living, and I enjoy it thoroughly. The clients I work with, mainly property professionals including but not limited to; realtors, developers, architects and interior designers; require my services as a professional photographer. But times are evolving and changing, technologies advancing, and so we are loosing the simplicity of a label and becoming much more in our new complexed roles. For example, my clients want to 'stand out from the crowd', and so, are always on the lookout for new ways to market themselves and stay ahead of their competition, as am I. On a daily basis, I will photograph an entire property adding my artistic flare with each shot, and styling the space, perhaps moving objects around, 'setting the scene' and making it my own. 

I will then survey the property and draw up a floor plan using the latest laser equipment. I return to my office space and process my photographs, spending hours editing and analysing my shots, and drawing up the floor plan I produced earlier, using CAD software. I then might want to update my social media and portfolio to stay ahead with my own competition.

Over the next few months I intend to explore two new mediums within reach of my own industry; to further my career and continue my exploration of 'new hats'. Video and 3D modeling are proving more and more popular, particularly video as it is the most logical step forward from photography. 3D modeling less so, but, it is on the rise as laser scanning technologies and 3D modeling software are becoming cheaper and more user friendly. (More on this to come in later blogs.)

So yes I am an Interior & Architectural Photographer, but I am also; an interior stylist, a floor planner, surveyor of sorts, photo editor, retoucher, CAD professional, creative, occasional salesperson, marketing professional; and so the list shall continue to grow, as I do. And then I might have to reconsider my label, or maybe not. Maybe I should think outside of this label, number, brand, box, what I do, and think of something that simply explains my day to day life. Explains something about me and who I am, while allowing myself the freedom to explore the bigger picture. Maybe I do not have to tell you what I do, using a single label, but perhaps, I can express to you through one or more of the many mediums of technology that are available. And so, to get started, my first blog.