Do you Re-imagine how your home could look, if you could knock down a wall or put on an extension? I know I do. when i was growing up, i was forever changing my bedroom around. now, I do it for a living. But instead of physically picking up and moving heavy furniture around and taking a sledge hammer to a wall, I can simply drag and drop as required. With a click of a button I can change the colour of the walls, re-arrange rooms and build new walls. How do I do this? With a visualisation.  

From years of Floor Planning services for Estate Agents in particular, I was always thinking about how I could change that plan to make the property more sellable, what simple things I could do to help homeowners sell or how I could give buyers the inspiration for their new homes. With a two year degree in Interior Design and extensive skills in 3D Modelling, now I can. By measure and survey of an existing property or plans taken from an architect, I can turn a floor plan in to a 3D Model, I can then insert furniture and give it life. 

Who uses visualisations?

You could be a homeowner who wants to see what a new extension might look like, an interior designer wanting to sell their vision to a client, or a property developer wanting to get ahead and sell their build before it's finished. Whoever you are, visualisations are a powerful way to truly imagine the possibilities.