Who's going to Trimble Dimensions? I am!

It's that time again! Another conference!

This time Trimble Dimensions in Las Vegas! "Designed for Trimble users to learn, collaborate and network with their peers." I am going back to educate myself with some Professional Development Classes on the workflow between 3D Laser Scanning Technologies and SketchUp Pro. I wish to work on the process of 3D Scanning Architecture and Interiors, finding a workflow that makes it cost effective and efficient, turning accurate data into a to-scale and measurement precise SketchUp model that can then be used by architects, designers, developers and other building professionals to easily work with and manipulate how they wish. 

I will also be going on behalf of my sister's company EBTMarketing, representing the team and meeting with clients who work within the geospatial industry and also Trimble users. It's an exciting opportunity to bound forward and be at the forefront of the latest advancements within the buildings industry. 

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