Practicing my imaging rover skills! ;)

Once again we come to the end of another month. Isn't this year going faster than ever? Or is it just me? This month I have been focusing on three main areas, photography of course, 3D Modeling for Interior Designers / Architects, and also touching base and experimenting with the latest technology in surveying. 

This month I trialled Trimble's V10 and I had a great time doing it! It was fast and easy to use. The system has 12 built in cameras, as well as gyrometers and accelerometers which basically means that while you edit the images you can take centimeter accurate measurements at the same time! A little better than Photo Match right? Trimble has also made it easy to marry this piece of technology with SketchUp so that you can easily build to-scale 3D Models from the panorama photographs. Amazing! 

This is a great tool to use in conjunction with 3D Modeling. I will write an update with my test results soon :)